Layana Resort And Spa

Layana Resort And Spa

Overview of Layana Resort And Spa

Layana is a Sanskrit name meaning an interlude or rest and you will find at Layana Resort and Spa that you will enjoy a period of perfect relaxation away from your everyday routine.The Resort has an exclusive atmosphere enhanced by exquisite decor and hospitality that ensures no detail is overlooked in making your holiday as perfect as possible.The resort enjoys a beachfront location, on a 3 kilometre-long white-sand beach .Environmentally-conscious design throughout the property minimises environmental impact, and a modern and eco-friendly infrastructure ensures efficient operation of facilities. Imagine a place where your very desire is fulfilled; where magical sunsets mark the end of luxurious days and the beginning of dream-filled evenings; where the world revolves around you

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Last updated on 26 Dec 2013.