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Koh Lanta: Restaurants and Thai food

Restaurants, Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta restaurants: Thai food

Koh Lanta Restaurants and Thai food area delight for all travellers to this island. In the resorts you can find all the Thai favourites and in some of the better hotels you can see variations from the Royal Kitchen where Thai food has been taken to the highest level of expertise. Kung Sarong is a prawn wrapped in a skirt of fine noodles deep fried and served with a delicious 3 flavour sauce called Sam Lot.

International food and good steaks can be found at resorts like Pimilai Resort and The Narima.

As a large island Koh Lanta has a good deal of land based food but being Muslim it has little or no pork. The local favourites of Koh Lanta are Geng Som, Khaunum Chin and Massalmun curry. The Geng Som tends to be fish of the day in a spicy chili and garlic soup, Khaunum Chin is often spicy mashed fish on top of sour noodles with local jungle vegetables and the standard Muslim massalmum is chicken curry (quite close to and Indian massalmum) but will be beef or goat for special occasions.

What is true for all people in Thailand is that food is an adventure and part of who they are and this applies no less for the people on Koh Lanta.... Enjoy!

Last Updated: 04 Sep 2011