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Klong Dao Beach hit by tsunami

The far western end of Klong Dao Beach (often referred to Deer Neck), and the fishing village close to Lanta Old Town (on the east side of the island), sustained the most concentrated damage but all damaged structures have been repaired.

Beaches are clean with families enjoying perfect weather and crystal clean water. February and March 2005 have seen a large number of tourists returning to the island.

Tsunami damage to hotels

90% of the resorts on Koh Lanta sustained little or no damage at all and by now all are open for normal business again. Various bamboo-structured resorts and businesses, located on Lanta, were washed away and have been since rebuilt.

Tsunami damage to dive sites

Koh Lanta's diving industry has returned to normal with positive reports about the status of the world-renowned dive sites around Koh Lanta. Contrary to media reports, coral and marine life had not been affected strongly and snorkeling havens, such as Koh Rok, are as stunning as usual.

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

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Tsunami wave at Klong Dao Beach
Koh Lanta Tsunami hits Klong Dao Beach
Klong Dao Beach hit by tsunami
Koh Lanta Tsunami on Klong Dao Beach