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Koh Lanta's quiet, laid-back atmosphere offers an ideal get-away for those seeking to escape the masses of tourists that flock every year to Phi Phi, Phuket or Koh Samui with its overpriced hotels, loud nightlife, bargirls and touts that patrol the beaches and back-alleys there.

Koh Lanta offers instead all kinds of backpacker type places to stay. A laid-back atmosphere, beautiful nature and friendly people make a holiday here a great adventure.

The isolation is one of the greatest assets of Koh Lanta. But that is also a detriment. It is nice to be completely alone, but there can be virtually no company at night. This really depends on your mood.

Koh Lanta backpacker activities

Rent a scooter and drive it to the end of the road! A great way to experience Koh Lanta. As you get off the dock from the Phi Phi islands, keep taking the road south. When the road forks, stay right. It gets a little rough, but not bad. Eventually, you are the middle of the jungle and soon come to an out of the way restaurant with great bungalows for rent. Beautiful beaches and great food there. You have to walk down a rocky cliff line to get to the beach which makes it all the more worthwhile.

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

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Koh Lanta people and parties
Koh Lanta people and parties
Koh Lanta people and parties
Koh Lanta people and parties