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Koh Lanta Culture | Laanta Lanta and Loi Rua Festivals on Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta people and parties

In a world where culture and religious differences often divide communities and countries, Koh Lanta provides idyllic proof that people of diverse and varied ethnic groups can live together in peace and harmony for hundreds of years and welcome foreign visitors with their arms open.

Sea Gypsy Boat Floating Ceremony (Loi Rua)

The Setting Adrift of the Chao Ley Boats takes place on Lanta Islands during full moon of the sixth and eleventh months in the lunar calendar. This is religious rite performed by the Sea Gypsies who gather on the beach near Ban Saladan Village. Highlighting this full-moon event is a two-meter wooden boat filled with carved effigies representing clan members together with personal mementos like nail-clippings and hair.

The sea gyspies dance their famous Rong-Ngeng dance round the boats to be set adrift. Ceremonies feature singing and dancing; the reason for the fest is to bring prosperity and happiness to the participants, it is something hard to find elsewhere.

Arts and cultural booths display and demonstrate the making of traditional crafts including Pa-the; traditional Muslim cloth weaving and Toi-pa-nun; the handicraft made from Toi leaves. Booths throughout the festival grounds feature organizations and individuals dispersing information about special projects on the island.

Laanta Lanta Festival Event

The Laanta Lanta Festival held on Pra-Ae Beach (Long Beach) is a celebration of this harmony and a chance for locals and visitors to enjoy unique cultural facets still prevalent on this unspoiled island today.

Authentic food and traditional entertainment is the mainstay of any Thai celebration and the festival doesn’t stay from this successful formula, with a variety of delicious snacks and meals available throughout the three days. You can enjoy traditional local coffee and exotic drinks while sampling a wide variety of local cuisine at over 50 food and beverage booths.

On the main stage visitors can experience Rong-Ngeng dances; the traditional music and dance of the ancient Sea Gypsies, along with performances of groups from all over Thailand. A second beachside stage features contemporary jazz and reggae performances nightly in a relaxed party atmosphere.

Last Updated: 20 Jul 2009

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Koh Lanta people and parties
Koh Lanta people and parties
Koh Lanta people and parties
Koh Lanta people and parties