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Long Beach Koh Lanta (Phra-Ae)

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Located on the northern end of the island, the aptly named Long Beach (also known as Phra-Ae Beach) is the longest beach on Koh Lanta with approximately 3 kilometers in length. It is the second beach south of the pier, after Klong Dao Beach.

Long Beach is beautiful and famed for its fine powdery sand and shelving coastline The water here is slightly deeper than at Klong Dao Beach and there are no rocks -- just soft sand fantastic for confident swimmers. Though the entire length of the beach is great, the northern end, up next to the rocky headland is particularly cozy with some shady spots under tall casuarina trees.

The main road runs about 300 meters behind the beach. There are plenty of shops along the road with small food stalls, a 7/11, ATM, email cafes, laundry services, motorbike hire and a couple of good restaurants.

Hotels on Long Beach Koh Lanta

Accommodations at Long Beach are affordable, with small roads running form the main road to the bungalows directly along the beach.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

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