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Old Lanta Town

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Old Lanta Town (Si Raya) is definitely worth a visit when coming to the Lanta islands. There are many traditional Chinese-style wooden houses with nice weathering, built 60-100 years ago.

Originally Old Lanta Town acted as the port and commercial center for the local sea coast and provided a safe harbor for the Arabic and Chinese trading vessels of old sailing between the larger ports of Phuket, Penang and Singapore.

Old Lanta Town and the rest of the eastern coast of the island is completely free from resorts and maybe this is what makes it so fascinating and gives it thsi laid-back 'natural' atmosphere.

The nearby village of Ban Sang Ga U on Lanta's Southern tip is a traditional Chao Ley (Sea Gypsy) fishing village.

Old Lanta Town restaurants and businesses

Old Lanta Town is the district capital and it has a post office, police station and the island's hospital as well as a long pier.

There are two good restaurants in Lanta Old Town: Fresh Restaurant and Krua Yai or Beautiful. Both sit on the waterfront with splendid views over the Andaman Sea.

Another recommended place is the Hammock House where handmade hammocks for your true tropical holiday can be bought.

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008