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Klong Kong Beach

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Standing nine kilometers from Ban Saladan, the small beach of Klong Kong offers extremely peaceful and serene atmosphere.

For most of the length of Klong Kong beach there is a Klong (stream) running parallel to the beach and an old coconut plantation. Towards the southern end is an area where the local fishermen tie up their boats to the shore.

A rocky reef runs along the length of the shore making it difficult for swimming but great for picturesque sunsets. There are plenty of coral reefs offshore providing an excellent opportunity for diving.

The main road winds its way away from the beach for most of the beach's length and then back to the headland at the far southern end. There is a path to the beach going over a small bridge at this end.

Hotels in Klong Kong Beach

The northern end of Klong Kong Beach has the driveways to the resorts.

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

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