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Koh Lanta consists of 52 islands of which 15 are under control of the Koh Lanta National Marine Park. The two major islands are Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi.

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Koh Lanta Beaches

Klong Dao Beach

Last Updated: 20 May 2008

Location: Klong Dao Beach
Klong Dao Beach is the northern-most beach on Koh Lanta, and the first to establish itself on the tourist trail. It is located two kilometers from Ban Saladan pier and comprises of a two-kilometer stretch of sand.... read more.

Overview of Koh Lanta Yai Island

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

If you are planning a vacation to the enchanting country known as Thailand, then you cannot afford to miss a visit to one of the most notable and important district in the province of Krabi called the Koh Lanta Yai Island.... read more.

Koh Lanta beaches

Klong Nin Beach

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Klong Nin Beach
Like almost all beaches on Koh Lanta, Klong Nin Beach offers tranquil and peaceful atmosphere; its sand is white and fine.... read more.

Kan Tiang Beach

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Ba Kan Tiang Beach
Kan Tiang Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, lying 18 kilometers south of Ban Saladan.... read more.

Lanta Yai Beaches

Long Beach Koh Lanta (Phra-Ae)

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Phra-Ae Beach
Located on the northern end of the island, the aptly named Long Beach (also known as Phra-Ae Beach) is the longest beach on Koh Lanta with approximately 3 kilometers in length. It is the second beach south of the pier, after Klong Dao Beach.... read more.

Ban Saladan

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2008

Location: Saladan
Ban Saladan is the main town on Koh Lanta and all the main tourist services on the sialnd are provided here.... read more.

Koh Lanta beaches: Kantiang Bay

Klong Kong Beach

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

Standing nine kilometers from Ban Saladan, the small beach of Klong Kong offers extremely peaceful and serene atmosphere.... read more.

Old Lanta Town

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

Old Lanta Town (Si Raya) is definitely worth a visit when coming to the Lanta islands. There are many traditional Chinese-style wooden houses with nice weathering, built 60-100 years ago.... read more.