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Koh Rok

Lanta Island has only beautiful white sand beach and unspoiled nature. It is perfect for spending a lazy day for sun bathing and swimming in crystal clear water. The beautiful islands due southwest of Lanta are also renowned for their variety of marine life, inviting for snorkeling trips.

Snorkeling around Koh Lanta

Koh Rok is the best snorkeling spot around Koh Lanta with clear water over 30 meters deep sighting. The combination of virgin white power sand beach touching crystal water which you can see only on TV; a beautiful 200 meters waterfall splashes from sharp limestone cliffs directly into the sea. Sit back and observe the troops of millions of shell crabs crawling over the sand.

Offshore of the beach is a square mile of coral reef with underwater life that can make you enjoy a whole day. Black tip sharks patrol the reef shallows and Hawksbill turtles are sighted regularly cruising the reef.

Koh Muk and Koh Waen are located at the south of Koh Lanta. They are two very tiny limestone islands with cliffs, the tide is a bit strong but around the cliff is the coral reef with plenty of soft and hard coral and large school of fish and sea life. Organized snorkel tours visit mainly the famous Emerald cave.

Visit the best beach of the Andaman Sea at Koh Ngai and Koh Kradan. Koh Libong with its sea grass rich waters is another famous snorkel destination, with the chance of hopefully spotting one of the rare dugongs.

This is what one of the guests of a snorkeling tour on Koh Lanta had to write about his experience:
"The second snorkeling spot was even better than the first. I swam about and explored a bit. I was stunned by what I was witnessing under the waves. I saw blue coral and massive structures that looked like orange cauliflower. Anemones were everywhere, and their little clown fish buddies darted in and out on their white and yellow fingers. I was in awe."

Koh Lanta snorkeling tours

Koh Lanta has several world-class snorkeling sites serviced by tour companies located mostly in Ban Saladan. Many dive sites also have good snorkeling and friends and family are welcome to join dive trips and snorkel at reduced rates. There are many different one day tours on offer for snorkeling.

Speedboat snorkeling tours are recommended as the sites are spread out. Trips leave Koh Lanta around 8 am and return between 2 and 4 pm and should include equipment, food and pick up and drop off service. These trips are perfect for couples, families or small groups as parts of the day can be customized to suit your needs.

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

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