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Island Hopping around Koh Lanta

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Koh Lanta sea kayaking and paddling

Island hopping and sailing is a favorite activity around Koh Lanta, be it by sailing boat, yacht, speedboat or by kayak.

Hundreds of islands in crystal clear water, some rugged limestone cliffs, others boosting an array of beautiful beaches, some of the world's most exciting dive spots and a wide selection of resorts, ranging from simple bamboo huts to 5-star luxury, this is the island world of Koh Lanta in the Andaman Sea.

Every island around Koh Lanta is different, each has its own character made up of beaches, mountains and mangroves. Some are uninhabited, others are shelter for small fishing villages and their local inhabitants.

Koh Lanta island hopping tours

Go island hopping around Koh Lanta on your own, rent a romantic yacht and make up your own island-hopping program or book one of the package programs, that provide you with boat tickets, accommodation vouchers and the necessary description for traveling...

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

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