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Thai elephants

A traditional symbol of Royal power and an essential feature of Buddhist art and architecture, elephants are part of Thailand. Although not indigenous to Koh Lanta, the island provides a perfect habitat for them and a wonderful way for visitors to view the island.

You can find elephant trekking close to Long Beach (Phra Ae Beach) and at Nui Beach.

Actually, just feeding, playing and talking with this big, peaceful animals is already fun. Imagine, sit on their back and command them through the deep inside of Koh Lanta's heart, how fascinating an experience you will get!

Koh Lanta elephant trekking tours

You can let whole your family join the elephant riding even small children. There are many trip selections, fun trips for only an hour or real exploring trips for half a day into the deep jungle.

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2008

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Thai elephants
Thai elephants
Thai elephants
Thai elephants