Twin Lotus Resort And Spa

Twin Lotus Resort And Spa

Overview of Twin Lotus Resort And Spa

The Lotus, which grows from the depths of water to above the surface, seems to bring a tremendous hidden vitality out of nowhere. The resort takes not only its name, but also the characteristics inspired by the sacred flower.

The design of the resort is based on the petals and leaves of the Lotus, which have unusual shapes. The surrounding flower gardens and lotus ponds recapture the elegance and serenity of lotus the flower of paradise.

Needless to say this luxurious resorts combines the best of nature and modern amenities from the large infinity swimming pool and beautifully furnished rooms and enough recreation facilities to keep even the most active of guests busy.Plus the extensive Spa treatments available and you've found the perfect place to stay on Koh Lanta.

Photos of Twin Lotus Resort And Spa