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Koh Lanta consists of 52 islands of which 15 are under control of the Koh Lanta National Marine Park. The two major islands are Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi.

Koh Lanta Beaches

Empty Beaches on Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta Beaches: Klong Dao
Koh Lanta Beaches: Pure Shores
Koh Lanta Beaches

All the beaches in Ko Lanta are to be found along the west coast and even during the highest point of peak season they are never overcrowded and with so many to choose from it's understandable. It often makes a pleasant surprise if you're used to far busier beaches. There are a few large

Koh Lanta Crystal Waters

Koh Lanta: Pure Shores
Jacuzzi view over the pool
Koh Lanta beaches
Koh Lanta Mini Divers

Koh Lanta is offering white sand beaches to its visitors, but even better are the crystal waters and beautiful coral reefs around the island. They can be explored easily with kayaking or snorkeling trips and swimming on all the main beaches is possible too.

More Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta beaches
Koh Lanta beaches
Koh Lanta beaches
Koh Lanta sunset

There's more to Koh Lanta's Beaches than white sand and secluded coves, there's also great beach restaurants and more than a few snorkelling hotspots. All the beaches are easily accessible so you don't have use the beach that's closest to your hotel. It's difficult to get lost as you ex