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Apart from basking and lolling in the midst of serene beaches, there are other activities on Koh Lanta that will work your energy out and give you the dynamic feeling.

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Koh Lanta: evening meal
Koh Lanta: Cave bats
Koh Lanta: party time!
Koh Lanta nightlife

Kho Lanta is well known for it's relaxing atmosphere, quiet beaches and friendly hospitality but there's also an exciting hive of activity to be found if you can drag yourself from your beach hammock. Elephant trekking, jungle tours, mountain biking, scuba diving, sea kayaking are just a f

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Koh Lanta: activities
Koh Lanta sea kayaking and paddling
Boat trip from Koh Lanta around Koh Talabeng
Koh Boo (Crab Island)

Koh Lanta offers a large variety of things to do, for example island tours, diving, snorkeling and even elephant trekking. Even though much more laid back than it's wilder neighbors Phuket and Phi Phi, there is also some nightlife and beach bars on Koh Lanta.